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Flashback 2018

In line with our “Play Now” campaign, we wanted to encourage as many visitors as possible to surf the wave on the spur of the moment. The slogan that most people abided by was “just join in”! An unbelievable amount was learned by many visitors, thanks to excellent instruction from the surfing teachers. After just a few minutes, most participants could stand up on the wave and were able to ride the wave in January, in the heart of Düsseldorf, in the middle of winter.

Over 1,500 surfers rode THE WAVE in 2018!

boot 2018: A chilled-out atmosphere and mad cool surf shows

At both boot weekends, the stars of the surf and paddle scene put on a spectacular show on the wave in Hall 8a. The boot visitors who had booked the hotly contested spots on THE WAVE also got the audience on their feet. For every ride that lasted over ten seconds, the audience broke into spontaneous rounds of applause. For professionals, the rides are limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. The riders have to show all their tricks in this time, then the next rider takes their spot on the infinity wave.

Among the Wave paddlers, last year’s winner Fiona Wylde and Zane Schweitzer, who won second place in 2017, were victorious. Among the surfers, the new generation put on a spectacular show with the successful stars of the river surfing elite. In the final, Nicolas Marusa, at just 14, narrowly lost out to Lukas Brunner, Simon Bitterlich and Tao Schirrmacher, who are all 18 or over, and who surfed up a storm.