The heroes
at boot Düsseldorf 2018

Wave Masters 2018: Simon Bitterlich and Janina Zeitler reign supreme with a great show

Janina Zeitler from Munich, who is still in college at just 17, gave a freestyle performance showcasing powerful surf moves, dazzling us with an array of 360 and even 720 turns, ending the contest as the supreme champion. 27 year old Eva Loach edged her way in front in the battle for second place, ultimately beating out Chiara Kreindl and Rahel Brunner

Here, the three youngsters in the starting field, Luca Holy, 14, Lenny Weinhold, 16, and 14 year old Nicolas Marusa, who managed to get into the final, were cheered on with great fervour. Then it came to a showdown, between the ultimate European champion Lukas Brunner, 22, and Tao Schirrmacher, 35, who both fired off a volley of tricks. In the end, 18 year old Simon Bitterlich still managed to push in between the two goliaths, coming in second place. Fourth place was won by up-and-coming kid Nicola Marusa, who hails from Eisbach in Munich, like all of the finalists.

An overview of the results:

Winners Woman

  1. Janina Zeitler, 17, Munich, 16,3 Points
  2. Eva Loach, 27, Salzburg, 13,1 Points
  3. Chiara Kreindl, 18, Munich, 12,5 Points
  4. Rahel Brunner, Zurich, 7,5 Points

Winners Men

  1. Lukas Brunner, 22, Munich, 14,6 Points
  2. Simon Bitterlich, 18, Munich, 13,1 Points
  3. Tao Schirrmacher, 35, Munich, 12,3 Points
  4. Nicolas Marusa, 14, Munich, 11,5 Points

Exciting action and battles at the boot Düsseldorf SUP Wave Masters 2018

Winners: women's contest

  1. Fiona Wylde,  USA, 17,16 Points, Starboard
  2. Andrea Moravcova-Meier, Munich, 13 Points, Starboard
  3. Paulina Herpel, Hamburg, 10,83 Points, Fanatic
  4. Iva Dundova, Budvar, Czech Republic, 6,5 Points, Starboard

Winners: men's contest

  1. Zane Schweitzer (23), Hawaii, 20 Points, Starboard
  2. Bernd Roediger (22), Hawaii, 17 Points, Naish
  3. Carsten Kurmis (49), Munich, 15,83 Points, Starboard
  4. Guido Meier (47), Munich, 13,83 Points, Starboard

The heroes on THE WAVE at boot Düsseldorf 2018