The heroes
boot Dusseldorf 2017

Düsseldorf to welcome the surfing elite!

On the first weekend of the run of the trade fair, the wave really rocked the boot. International Stand Up Paddleboard professional athletes put on a spectacular show for the visitors with the SUP Wave Masters. Fiona Wylde (USA) and Airton Cozzolino (Cape Verde Islands) won the titles after fierce competition in the heats. On the second weekend, THE WAVE really got down to business. Renowned surfers delved deep to distinguish themselves and impress the jury. Supported by hundreds of visitors, the reigning European champion Janina Zeitler won out against Rosina Neuerer. Both women hail from Munich. In the men’s competition, Simon Bitterlich was victorious over Lenny Weinhold, a 15-year old up-and-coming talent.

SUP Wave Masters (women)

1. Fiona Wylde

2. Bowien van der Linden

3. Paulina Herpel

SUP Wave Masters (men)

1. Airton Cozzolino

2. Zane Schweitzer

3. Carsten Kurmis

Wave Masters (women)

1. Janina Zeitler

2. Rosina Neuerer

3. Mareen Scholz

Wave Masters (men)

1. Simon Bitterlich

2. Lenny Weinhold

3. Moritz Wieneke

Heroes of boot Düsseldorf WAVE 2017

Joana Schenker

Joanna Schenker

Joana is currently one of the best European bodyboarders. Born in Portugal to German parents, she spent her childhood on the powerful Atlantic waves on her doorstep. Later on, in 2004 at just 17 years of age, she won the Portuguese and European Junior Championship. At the same time, she secured the Portuguese runner-up title for all age categories. Joana went from strength to strength over the following years. She won many national and European events and titles. In 2015 she was selected for the Portuguese national team and won a bronze medal with the team at the ISA Bodyboard World Championship in Chile.

Joana will be onstage at Beach World in Hall 1 on 28 and 29 January, and will definitely try out our standing wave!

Fiona Wylde

Fiona Wylde

Fiona is this year’s SUP-Women’s Racing World Champion. She first tried windsurfing at the age of five. Her early training paid off and at just 15 years old she was awarded the “Windsurfer of the year” title. Since 2014 she has been concentrating on stand-up paddling and began her career as a many-time champion of multiple international SUP contests in various disciplines. In 2015 she was diagnosed with diabetes. The diagnosis only served to reinforce her ambition and dedication and so she paddled her way to the World Master title in 2016. As a result of this excellent approach and her openness about handling her condition, she is a role model for many.

On 21 and 22 January she will take part in the SUP Wave Masters at the boot and has secured her place as one of the favourites.

Moritz Mauch

Moritz Mauch

© Daniell Bohnhof

Moritz Mauch grew up in Gran Canaria, with German parents. Even in his childhood, Moritz would spend every free minute he had in the water. It certainly helped that his parents are enthusiastic surfers and run their own surf school. This significant nurturing paid off. He won the PWA Junior World Cup twice. What else would you do when you’re hanging around in Gran Canaria? Stand up paddle boarding! Moritz is a multiple-time German Wave SUP Champion and is riding his wave of success internationally!

Moritz will take part in the SUP Wave Masters on 21 and 22 January and has set himself a number of goals.

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer, who is Hawaiian, is one of the best international surfers and stand-up paddle boarders of the last few years. In 2016 he won the title of Ultimate Waterman 2016. This accolade is awarded to the best all-rounder on the surf scene. It comes as no surprised that Zane won this contest. From the cradle, his Grandfather, the inventor of windsurfing Hoyle Schweitzer and his Father Matt passed on their passion for watersports. Zane is not only an exceptionally gifted surfer but is also a brilliant trainer and is always eager to transmit his knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation of surfers!

Zane will take part in the SUP Wave Masters on 21 and 22 January and, between competing, will give a talk and a question and answer session for fans in Hall 1 on the huge Beach World Stage.

Sonni Hönscheid

Three times SUP World Champion in ocean crossing, professional surfer, artist and daughter of German wind-surfing legend, Jürgen Hönscheid, is the patron of THE WAVE. She tested the Citywave® system for the first time in September and was immediately impressed: “There is just no easier, simpler and faster way of learning to stand on a board!” 

Sonni is a member of the jury for the SUP Wave Masters in Hall 2 on 21 and 22 January. Between commitments, she will give a report on her exciting life as an artist and stand-up paddle board professional in Hall 1 on the main stage.

Carsten Kurmis

Surfer on the River Eisbach of the first hour, WAVE SUP participant and representative of the Starboard brand. Besides the inventors, Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski, Carsten is probably the most experienced on the Citywave®.  He helped the organisers of the boot trade fair develop the contest formats and even delved deep into his bag of tricks for our photo shoot to showcase some great moves on the wave – also with a wave SUP for the first time. 

Carsten Kurmis can generally be found on his employer’s stand, Starboard, from 21 to 29 January. There, he advises boot visitors on everything concerning windsurfing, SUP and riding waves. He will participate in both competitions and is tipped as a dark horse for the SUP Wave Masters.