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We have optimized THE WAVE further and this means that beginners and professionals can enjoy perfect waves again this year. If you simply want to watch, we’ve got something special just for you this year: On each day of the trade fair, the experienced citywave® team will show you just what can be achieved on THE WAVE. This means that cool turns and spectacular moves can be seen daily on our WAVE.

"A stationary wave like the Citywave here
is gonna help your surfing.
It’s 90 percent the same thing."

Robby Naish (24-facher Weltmeister)

How good are you?

We can set the wave at different heights, but it is not possible to change the height during the individual slots.


No surfing experience – so what? You are guaranteed to celebrate your first success on the stationary wave when you book this slot – and immediately after, you will want to take your first surfing holiday because you just simply won’t be able to get enough. Our surfing instructors will assist with important tips and support.

Wave height around one metre.


You're already a hero on the water but have never surfed a stationary wave? After just a short while, you will soon be able to execute your first turns and impress the spectators. Enjoy perfect conditions for 40 minutes to ideally suit your skills.

Wave height around 1.2 metres.

boot4school – school classes and THE WAVE

IBeginners will be able to surf THE WAVE within the scope of the boot4school activities for school classes in North Rhine-Westphalia. All schools will be contacted by post directly to this end.

The inventors

Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski, both trained engineers who have been bringing action sports to urban environments for more than 20 years, came up with the innovative surfing system. They realised their vision for the first time with a rotating endless ski slope. The river surfing pioneer, Arthur Pauli, and many trips to the most beautiful surfing spots in the world inspired them to develop a stationary wave modelled on the Eisbach Wave in Munich. The first surfing simulator was able to create a dry wave which used long elastic brushes to produce a vague feeling of surfing. It allowed surfers to execute turns and do tricks. But the inventors quickly realised that genuine surfing needed water. The first endless stationary deepwater wave was created after countless models and tests. Since then, Citywave® has been making the hearts of surfers beat faster all over the world.

More information

Facts and figures

  • Surf width: 9 m
  • Water temperature: approx. 25°C
  • Wave height: Adjustable between around 1 to 1.5 metres
  • Water depth: approx. 1.4 metres under the wave
  • Anzahl Pumpen: 10 / 20.000 Liter pro Sekunde
  • Water volume: 900,000 litres
  • Event area: 1,100 square metres

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