The world of surfing in hall 8b

Action, News and Stars:
The season starts in January at boot Duesseldorf!

International stars on stage and on the new water basin, manufacturers with the latest equipment, tips for perfect maneuvers, bargains for the new season, action at top-class contests in wingsurfing, tow-in windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling and skimboarding - come by and experience the whole world of surfing.

The surfing all-round program

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Indoor Wingsurf Courses

Experience this new, fascinating sport on the new flatwater pool. Before we send you off with your wing and board, you will first receive instruction from a VDWS professional on our simulator. If you feel confident here, you can put what you have learned directly into practice later that day. Our wind machines provide enough propulsion for you to get a real feeling for wing and board.
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Talking shop and bargains

"You can never have too much equipment" is a popular saying among surfers. But to make sure it's the right board or the right foil, get detailed advice from the manufacturers in our hall. If you then know which kite, which wing or which sail you need, the dealers in our hall 8b will surely have a suitable bargain for you.

Full action in hall 8b

Full action in hall 8b

After so much information, why not chill out a bit and watch the others at work? That's also possible in Hall 8b. The stars of the scene will be there to show you all their skills. Whether windsurfing, wakeboarding, skimboarding, stand-up paddling or wingfoiling, you will find the big names of the scene here. It's especially cool that all of them are available for a short chat and are happy to give you tips. All dates when which contest with which stars will take place, you can find here!
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