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Windsurfing is a major trend at boot Düsseldorf 2020
The largest number of manufacturers for a long time have announced that they will be participating in the world’s biggest water sports trade fair in Düsseldorf. Never before has so much space been devoted to water sports equipment and accessories. It is becoming apparent that a record will be set in the surfing sector too.
boot Düsseldorf 2020 will be open from 18. to 26. January and will be highlighting the trends that can be expected out on the water in the coming season.

Start of the season on the Rhine
Once the last Christmas goodies have been enjoyed, fitness studios get crowded and you begin your training for the 2020 water sports season. Then it is high time to make sure you have all the material you need for the new season too. The simplest way to do this is to visit boot at the end of January. By September 2019, 22 windsurfing and SUP brands had already confirmed that they will be coming – the highest number since the mid-2000s. So plenty of professional support and choice is guaranteed.

Stars to consult
A whole series of windsurfing stars will be appearing in Hall 8a. Then you will have an opportunity to find out first hand where the pros went for their winter training, what material they prefer and what they find particularly good about it. Or you can simply take a selfie with the stars and ask them directly to give you a few tips for your next surfing trip. It goes without saying that you can book this trip on-site too. You’re not a pro yet? No problem. Get professional advice at boot.

In-depth instruction for beginners and budding experts in cooperation with VDWS
Practice makes perfect. So VDWS is offering a series of surfing seminars at boot specially for beginners and budding experts. Registration for them is directly on-site with VDWS. This is where you can obtain all the information you need about the right board and sail, ask questions or prepare to carry out new manoeuvres in dry runs on a surfing simulator instead of spending a great deal of time and energy starting from scratch /3 out on the water. We have obtained the services of the VDWS team of instructors as coaches for you. For 45 years now, VDWS has been training surfing instructors all over the world using a system that is optimised on an ongoing basis. It would be hard to find more competent experts.

Second only to flying: trend towards foiling and wingsurfing
In the 2020 water sports season, there will be a definite focus on further developments and new products in the foiling and wingsurfing fields. Manufacturers are now supplying foils specially designed for beginners so that less experienced enthusiasts can wingsurf too. Thicker and longer profiles lead to more lift and somewhat lower speeds, combined with improved controllability. The manufacturers will be at boot to demonstrate and explain their new products and concepts in detail.
Last season, we kept on receiving new winging videos. What we saw initially were professional windsurfers foiling elegantly and smoothly off the beaten track in light winds; later came the first races off Maui and increasingly radical jumps, flights, manoeuvres and combinations of different disciplines. What will this be leading to? Which concepts have the potential to become mass markets? These developments are definitely spectacular and everything worth knowing will be on offer at boot. And those who want more will simply have to try it all out for themselves.

Ripping like there is no tomorrow
This year you will have another opportunity to surf THE WAVE made by citywave. Advance online registration at – from the end of November 2019 onwards – is strongly recommended to make this possible. Or go directly to the counter at the 65-metre flatwater pool and get a wakeboarding or stand-up paddling slot there. Children and other tough cookies can go skimboarding again too; on-site registration for this is required this time too.

Thrilling contests guaranteed on both boot weekends
While the first contest weekend is reserved entirely for surfers and professional windsurfers, it will be the turn of the stand-up paddlers on the second weekend, when they will be holding their championship in both the sprint and standing wave disciplines.

Contests and show programme:
WAVE Masters - 18. & 19.01.2020
Tow-in Windsurfing Contest – 18. & 19.01.2020
SUP WAVE Masters – 25. & 26.01.2020
Pooltastic Wakeboard Contest - 25.01.2020
European Skimboarding Cup - 25.01.2020
SUP Shorttrackmasters - 26.01.2020

List of manufacturers in alphabetical order (September 2019):
Windsurfing/SUP brands 1. AV Boards | 2. Duotone | 3. Fanatic | 4. FMX Racing | 5. F2 | 6. GA Sails | 7. Gunsails | 8. I-99 | 9. Indiana SUP | 10. Mistral | 11. Patrik Boards | 12. Point-7 | 13. Quatro | 14. SIC Maui | 15. Starboard | 16. Severne | 17. S2 Maui | 18. Tabou | 19. Thommen Boards | 20. TIKI Factory | 21. Vandal | 22. Yolo Boards |

Here are the most important facts about boot at a glance:
• boot Düsseldorf is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00 from 18. to 26. January 2020
• Almost 13,000 square metres devoted to surfing for visitors to try out first hand in Hall 8a, right next to the north entrance
• 1,400 square metre pool with a 2.0 cableway for wakeboarding, tow-in windsurfing and a foiling show as well as SUP tests
• THE WAVE – surfing on an authentic deep-water wave created by citywave®
• The major manufacturers available on site to answer questions and provide information
• Stars and experts from all trending sports appearing non-stop on the stage next to the big pool
• Book your next surfing holiday directly on-site
• Ideal shops for bargain hunters in Hall 8a too
• boot tickets can be used to travel free of charge on the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) public transport system
• Ticket prices and online tickets are available at
• Attractive benefits for members available at

parking lot P1 at the Caravan Center is the right destination for anyone who is coming in his own bus: electricity, water and waste disposal are no problem here – and the distance from bed to board couldn’t be shorter.

October 2019

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Surfing sensation at boot 2018:

- “All systems go” will be the motto once again at boot Düsseldorf

- Indoor surfing at boot Düsseldorf 2018

- Hall 8a is being turned into an action mecca and trend sport marketplace

- For the first time indoors: tow-in windsurfing show at boot 2018


“All systems go” will be the motto once again at boot Düsseldorf from 20. to 28. January 2018.

“All systems go” will be the motto once again at boot Düsseldorf from 20. to 28. January 2018. Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the extended flatwater pool, “THE WAVE” standing wave and the skimboarding facility. All the well-known manufacturers will be presenting their products between the 1,400 m² pool and the citywave® surfing location. New players such as Fanatic, Indiana SUP and Naish will be joining familiar exhibitors like Starboard, Mistral, Gun, GTSports, Aquaglide, Siren etc. to display everything paddlers could possibly desire on the 13,000 m² available in the brightly-lit Hall 8a. Their selection of flatwater resources can also be tried out directly every day between 10:00 and 18:00. There is plenty of space to do this in the 65-metre pool. Swimming trunks and a towel are all that needs to be brought along. Neoprene suits will be available in the hall.

Indoor surfing at boot Düsseldorf 2018

Good news for (river) surfers: from 20. to 28. January 2018, all experienced and would-be surfers will be able to surf on “THE WAVE”. The nine metre-wide and up to 1.50 metre-high citywave® from Munich has been optimised for boot 2018: it is designed to be somewhat more gentle for beginners, while it is faster for practised surfers. Experienced instructors from the action team headed by Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski will demonstrate the tricks and skills needed for initial attempts and will give practised surfers ideas for new tricks. Visitors can register at from December 2017 onwards. Anyone who would prefer to watch instead will see what they want to see during the second boot weekend, because that is when the best river surfers in Europe will be holding their championship.

You will find the surfing stars directly at “THE WAVE” and on the stage next to the large pool – both of which are now in Hall 8a. Manufacturers and distributors will be exhibiting and selling their surfing, SUP, windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding products and equipment around THE WAVE. A visit to Hall 12 is worthwhile for surfers too. Suitable (beach) clothing for the next surfing trip is available there in the Beach Life Zone.

Hall 8a is being turned into an action mecca and trend sport marketplace

All trend sport operations, i.e. information, advice and sales, are being concentrated for the first time in the new Hall 8a (13,000 m²) right next to the North Entrance. This has made it possible to lengthen the flatwater pool by 15 metres and to make the wakeboard cable unit higher. The standing wave – “THE WAVE” – is being optimised for the larger hall too.

Well-known kite manufacturers – North Kiteboarding, ION, Airrush, Liquid Force and Brunotti – will be exhibiting their latest products, with representatives available to advise you.

Stars from the kiting community will be providing first-hand information on the stage and are happy to write autographs too.

For the first time indoors: tow-in windsurfing show at boot 2018 and a foiling experiment

From 20. to 28. January 2018 it will be time to experience 360° water sports again at boot Düsseldorf. The major windsurfing manufacturers will be presenting everything that surfers cold possibly desire in the newly designed exhibition hall 8a with its 13,000 m² of space. Amateur and professional windsurfers will be meeting there to talk about the latest trends in the community. Manufacturers who are regular boot exhibitors, like Starboard, Severne, BIC, Gun Sails and Mistral, are being joined again in Düsseldorf by the other heavyweights of the industry. North, ION, Fanatic, Patrik, Nove Nove and Naish have confirmed that they will be participating so far. All trend sport operations, i.e. information, advice and sales, are being concentrated for the first time in the large Hall 8a right next to the North Entrance. This has also made it possible to extend the pool by 15 metres and to optimise “THE WAVE” standing wave. The highlights this year: the first indoor tow-in windsurfing show in the world, surfing on “The Wave” for visitors and the boot Düsseldorf SUP Wave Masters for professional competitors. Numerous items on the programme will be focussing on foiling, the new windsurfing trend, while there will be a daring experiment in the pool too. Come and see for yourself...

Surfing sensation at boot 2017:

- The boot wave “THE WAVE” is coming

- Anyone can try indoor surfing

- Surfer Sonni Hönscheid is acting as sponsor

- Unique deepwater surfing on the wave

boot Düsseldorf 2017 can announce something of a sensation: the Surfers Village is a new thrill that can be experienced in Düsseldorf. Hall 2 on the exhibition site is being turned into a winter mecca for surfers, in the centre of which a nine-metre-wide permanent wave is being incorporated. During boot from 21. to 29. January 2017, the wave facility – which guarantees never-ending surfing not only for professionals but also for children and newcomers – will be featured at the heart of the Surfers Village. Beach bars, cool surfing fashion and the latest boards form the setting for a unique experience: surfing in Germany in January.


Anyone can try indoor surfing

Before the trade fair, it is possible to register for surfing at - and it is free of charge in the opening year. One to six surfers can surf on the permanent wave at the same time, depending on their skill level. When they start, beginners and children between six and twelve years old are allowed to hold on to a bar which is attached above the ten-metre-wide wave, so that they can get the right feel for the board. It does not take long for them to make such progress that they can surf comfortably on a low wave. The deepwater wave, as it is known, is still great fun and a real challenge even for professionals, however, because they can take the opportunity to use their own surfboards and to practice tricks and manoeuvres without having to paddle out again and again. Surfing here is possible not just on standard boards, however; small stand-up paddleboards (SUP) are being used for the first time anywhere in the world too.


Surfer Sonni Hönscheid is acting as sponsor

Intensive preparations are currently being made for the wave by the boot team headed by Director Petros Michelidakis: “Our designers are in the process of creating appropriate surroundings in the hall in the style of fabulous Indonesian beaches. We want our visitors to feel like they are on a surfing holiday in Bali. The wave will be a tremendous attraction and is certain to get an enthusiastic response from many children, teenagers and sports fans.” The boot organisers have already arranged two special highlights: SUP world champions from Hawaii will be competing against their top European rivals in the first indoor wave SUP Masters in the world. Prize money of EUR 5,000 can be won in the classic Wave Masters surfing contest that is being held on the second boot weekend. And the Düsseldorf team has already obtained celebrity support too: surfer Sonni Hönscheid, daughter of surf legend Jürgen Hönscheid, has agreed to act as sponsor for the indoor wave and the contests. She herself tried out a Citywave facility for the first time in September and became an immediate fan. “There is no simpler, safer and faster way to learn how to surf! This is a tremendous way to familiarise a wider public with the most beautiful sport in the world.” Sonni will be helping the jury with the WAVE SUP contest on the first boot weekend and will be passing on stand-up paddling tips and tricks by the pool.


Ten pumps create waves up to 1.5 metres high

Since “The Wave” has a unique deepwater surfing system, standard surfboards with fins can be used on it. A much more realistic surfing feeling is created as a result than on other permanent waves. Surfing across a width of 9 metres on waves between 1 and 1.5 metres high (measured on the face before they break) is possible in the pool. The water has a temperature of 25°C and ten pumps produce in the 1.40 m deep water waves that guarantee unlimited surfing fun.

THE WAVE is a project that is part of the Citywave development attributable to the engineers Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski, who have already had more than 20 years of experience in the development of action sports modules. The Citywave is the first permanent deepwater wave and is popular with surfers from all over the world thanks to the excellent surfing possible with it.


About boot Düsseldorf:

boot Düsseldorf is the biggest boat and water sports trade fair in the world and is the place where all of the industry meets in January every year. About 1,800 exhibitors, 860 of them from more than 60 countries apart from Germany, will be presenting their interesting innovations, attractive developments and maritime equipment here again on 220,000 square metres of stand space from 21. to 29. January 2017. This means that the whole of the global market will be coming to Düsseldorf, to provide an exciting insight into the entire water sports world for the nine-day exhibition in 17 different halls. The trade fair is open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. Admission tickets can be ordered online at and printed out conveniently at home from mid-November onwards. As an additional feature, they entitle ticket holders to use the Rhine-Ruhr public transport system free of charge up to price level D / South Region.


October 2016

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