Action and Competitions on THE WAVE 2020

On the 18th and 19th of January 2020 at the Wave Masters surfers will show their skills. 360 degree turns, jumps and other cool maneuvers await you on THE WAVE. On January 25th and 26th the stand-up-paddlers will be on the wave. The top stars of the scene arrive to present their skills at the SUP Wave Masters 2020. This is about fame, honor and a decent prize money. The stars are raving about the special and impressive atmosphere at the contests on our THE WAVE, and in 2020, things will certainly be going really well again. You should not miss this!

WAVE Masters:

SUP WAVE Masters:

The Stars in the Beach World

Wave Masters winners 2019

Winners women

  1. Janina Zeitler (18 years, Munich)
  2. Johanna Lackner (32 years, Vienna)
  3. Valeska Schneider (27 years, Starnberg)
  4. Noemi Kritz (18 years, Ammersee)

Winners men

  1. Lenny Weinhold (17 years, Munich)
  2. Joshi Holy (17 years, Munich)
  3. Simon Bitterlich (19 years, Munich)
  4. Jan Vogt (34 years, Munich)

3rd boot Düsseldorf SUP Wave Masters: 10-year-old starts through

The standing wave of citywave® not only offered the surfers the possibility of a high-class competition, but also the surfers among the stand up paddlers showed an impressive show with their slightly bigger boards and cleverly used paddle strokes.

The jury, around the 6-time SUP World Champion Sonni Hönscheid, had difficulties in finding the better surfer in a thrilling ladies final between Fiona Wylde and Paulina Herpel. In the end, last year's winner still had the upper hand.
In the men's singles, there was a three-way fight between the only 10-year-old Toni Meier from Munich and the scene greats Zane Schweitzer from Hawaii and Airton Cozzolino from Cape Verde. In the end, the unleashed surfer Cozzolino won just ahead of his American opponent Schweitzer. Fourth was last year's third place Carsten Kurmis from Munich.

SUP Wave Masters winners 2019

Winners women

  1. Fiona Wylde (20 years, Oregon, USA)
  2. Paulina Herpel (20 years, Hamburg)
  3. Iva Dundova (24 years, Slovenia)

Winners men

  1. Airton Cozzolino (24 years, Kapverden)
  2. Zane Schweitzer (25 years, Hawaii, USA)
  3. Toni Meier (21 years, Munich)